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This page has been prepared by the Norman County Genealogy Society and is posted for public use by its members. Particular thanks is given to Marijo Vik and Patricia Thompson, for the hours they put in compiling this index . No commercial use of this material is permitted without prior authorization of the Norman County Genealogy Society.
This is only an index of the records from the Skaurud Funeral Home of Ada, MN.  As with any transcription, errors may occur. If you identify an error in this list, please notify us and we will correct it as soon as possible. This list is intended as a reference only and should not be taken as official documentation.

Abbreviations Used: DOB:  Date of Birth   DOD:  Date of Death   POD:  Place of Death   Cty:  County  Rev:  Reverend  T:  Township  m:  months   d:  days

Residence refers to address, but Ada may be rural or in town.  Sometimes City of Ada will indicate persons who lived in the city of Ada, but it wasn’t always done. Lockhart could be the village of Lockhart or Lockhart Township.  Green Meadow, Pleasant View, McDonaldsville, Spring Creek, Hegne, Winchester, Lake Ida and Anthony are all townships.    All cities and townships are part of Norman County, Minnesota or in the state of Minnesota unless otherwise indicated.  A ?  is inserted where information is not given or unknown.  State abbreviations are those used by the postal service in 2005.

Records for the Following Years





1939-41 1942 1943-45


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