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Norman County Minnesota Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883

U.S. Congress Serial Set Vol. 20081-Ex. Doc. 84, Part 4

No. of 


Post Office Address

Cause for which

Monthly Rate

Date of Original

  Watson, Amos B. Ada blind l. eye 4.00  


Coleman, William Ada   16.00  
  Nelson, Nels. L. Ada chr. diarr., & c 6.00 June, 1882
  Thompson, Eliza Ada widow 15.00  
  Nei, George Ada g.s.w.l.hip 4.00  
  Holden, Alexander Ada g.s.w.l. shld 6.00  
  Matti, Christian Ada g.s.w.l. thigh 4.00 Dec, 1881
  Wilmat, Aashel C. Ada w.l. foot, & c 8.00 Jan, 1879
  Clark, Jonathan D. Ada dis. lungs 6.00 Mar, 1881
  Torgeson, Torkel Twin Valley g.s.w.r. thigh 4.00 Jun, 1881


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