Norman County Minnesota Cemeteries

This information was compiled by Deb Jacobson.  Cemetery Maps  were completed by Kelly Ruud. Cemetery Listings by Luther Bell.

The Norman County Historical and Genealogy Society have certain Cemetery books at the Log Museum in the Prairie Village in Ada,
some with photos of headstones as well as information on individuals buried in Norman County cemeteries.

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Cemeteries by Township

Anthony Township

West Petri -- East Marsh River
This site is located 1/2 mile north and 1/2 mile west of Anthony in SW 1/4 of Section 20. It dates back before 1890. This cemetery was established by the Petri Lutheran Church at that time located 3 1/2 miles west of Ada. It is a mystery why the cemetery was located at such a distance from the church. The only clue might be that the one acre plot had belonged to one of the church's members, E. T. Salverson. The cemetery was virtually abandoned after a division in the Petri Church, after which time the members to the north of the church joined the East Marsh River Congregation and the remaining members established a new cemetery near the church.

East Marsh River Cemetery, Anthony
East Marsh River Church is located northwest of Ada, MN, at a location called Anthony. The church is in the NW 1/4 of Section 28, with the cemetery across the road in NE 1/4 of Section 29. A 2 acre plot was obtained from Lewis Jacobson in 1880. The land for the church was given by Halvor Helgeson, and the church was built in 1896. Early members included: Peter P. Peterson, Halvor Helgeson, Amund Rasmussen, Hans Baergeson, Anders Haugen, Ole A. Kjas, Ole P. Olson, Peter Rasmussen, Narve Hallam, Ole Sandvold, Hans Olson, Christian Gulbrandson, H. G. Wolberg, John Jorstad, Andrew Estrem, Gilbert Estrem, John Edwards, Ole Steen, P.P. Flyberg, Martin Rasmussen, E. T. Salverson, Knut Haugen, and Lewis Johnson.

Bear Park Township

Norman Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Range: T146N-R43W  Section: NE 1/4 Section 21
Established 1882. 3 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Rindal, MN or 6 miles N, 7 miles E of Gary, Minnesota.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Range: T146N-R43W  Section 4 NENE
Cemetery established 1898. Zion Church was organized in 1891 with charter members: Ole Rindahl, Thorson Brothers, C.O. Borud, H. Malterud and an Eilertson. There is no longer a church building. The cemetery is located at the south edge of the village of Rindal, Minnesota.

Faaberg Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Range T146N-R43W  Section 4 NENE
The Faaberg Lutheran Church was organized in 1881 at the Rindal settlement. Mr. Rindal was born in the county of Faaberg, Norway. The Faaberg Cemetery is located adjoining the church on the west side of Rindal Village.

Flom Township

Immanuel Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Immanuel Lutheran is located in the NW 1/4 of Section 20. This is 4 miles east of Syre on Highway 113, then 1/2 mile north on Highway 36. It is 4 miles northwest of Flom. There is a church marker. It states that the first pastor was Rev. Nykren and the last pastor was Ralph Pederson. Charter members were: John Swenson Aas, P.O. Waller, John Fjelly, Ole Waller, John O. Njsetvold, M. J. Agrey, Albert Peterson, Iner Larson, Peder I. Stein, Christian Pederson, Reder Rendahl, E. S. Tomtengen, John Dyrdahl, and John O. Waller.

Old Aspelund Cemetery
Aspelund Norwegian-Danish Lutheran Evangelical Church was organized in 1885. the original members were: O. B. Kirkevold, Hans Olman, Peder Rue, Andrew Dorseth, P. Berg, Christopher Torgerson, Andrew Clefstad, Ole Lokken, Anton Johnson, Louis Johnson, Halvor Aas, Hans Pederson Berg, and Louis Thompson. The first church building and cemetery were located in SW 1/4 of Section 34, on the Norman-Becker County line, just off Highway 38, 1 mile south of Flom. The early site has 3 stones remaining: Klara P. Rue, Cecilia Karoline Olson, and Bertine Heline Olson.

Aspelund Lutheran Church & Cemetery
The present church was built in 1897 and is located 1/2 mile south of Flom, in SE 1/4 of Section 33, on Highway 38.

Bethlehem Cemetery  Cemetery Map
Bethlehem Lutheran no longer has a church. The cemetery is located in SW 1/4 of Section 3, Flom Township. This is 4 miles north of Flom on Highway 38. Bethlehem church merged with East Wild Rice congregation in 1923. The church bell, organ, pews, and materials were used in 1932. From 1897 until 1923 the Bethlehem Church had the following ministerial acts performed: Baptisms 75, Confirmations 106, Marriages 13, Burials 23. There were 110 families. Only 18 markers were found when the cemetery was last read in 1984. The pastors who served Bethlehem were: Rev. N. J. Lunde, Rev. S. S. Straus, Rev. J. Dahle, Rev. A. L. Huus, Rev. O. N. Nelson and Rev. B. L. Opdahl. The first church council was made up of, John Fjelby, Albert Peterson, Martin Agrey, Anders Eken, Peder Stien, Peter Rindahl, and John Widme.

Wild Rice Lutheran Church & Cemetery (E. Wild Rice)  Cemetery Map
Wild Rice Lutheran Church, commonly called East Wild Rice, is located 6 miles southeast of Twin Valley, MN, in SE 1/4 of Section 6 of Flom Township. It is 2 miles west and 4 miles north of Flom on Highway 36. Wild Rice is the second oldest congregation in Norman County, organized in 1873. The first church had a birch bark and sod roof. Each member was to furnish 4 logs. A second, larger church was built about 1886 and this burned in 1917. A third church was built and it, too, burned in 1932. By the winter of 1932, a fourth church was erected.

Fossum Township

St. Olaf Church & Cemetery  Cemetery Map
The church is located on the south side of Section 14, on the north side of Highway 29. The cemetery is located in NE 1/4 of Section 23 on the south side of Highway 29, northeast of Twin Valley. St. Olaf was first organized in the Olaus Norby home in 1881. Members were: Olaus Norby, Hans Norby, Lars Norby, Olbert Goodrich, Gilbert Goodrich, Ole Torgerson and Torger Iverson and families. Later in the year other families received were: Anni Knutson Fjeld, Knute Fjeld, Peter Kindseth, Mathias Dahl, Hans J. Tlkerud, Amund A. Wroolie, Aani Simundsen Wroolie, and Peter Flaa. By 1885. at reorganization, they changed their name from the original, Nanstad Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran to St. Olaf Evangelical Lutheran        

Good Hope Township

Bethany Cemetery
Bethany Church and Cemetery are located SE 1/4 of Section 17. This is 7 miles east of Shelly, MN. It is about 7 miles west of Highway 9 and only 3 miles south of the Polk County border.

On December 9, 1905, Pastor A. Megrund met with a few of the early settlers of the Good Hope area at the Lincoln schoolhouse to organize a congregation. It was decided that the name of the congregation would be Bethania Congregation and services would be held in the Lincoln schoolhouse once a month. Pastor Megrund was the first pastor. The first officers of the congregation were: deacons, E.N. Aamodt, Ole St. Stuhaug and Rasmus Dybing; trustees, John Libak, John Grosefield and Enevald Ramsland; Olaus Flikka, secretary; and Louis Nelson, treasurer. Several attempts were made to build a church over the years. In March of 1932, Carl Jacobson donated three acres of property to the congregation as a location for a church and cemetery. The church and cemetery are located 7 miles east of Shelly, MN. Prior to 1932 many Bethany members were buried at Zion Cemetery.

Green Meadow Township

Luchau Cemetery
Range T145N-R45W  Section NE 1/4 Section 15
Established 1895. 5 miles north, 3 miles east, 1 mile north of Ada, Minnesota.

St. John's Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Range T145N-R45W  Section 1/4 Section 19
Established 1882. The church and cemetery are located 3 miles east, 4 miles north, 1/2 mile west of Ada, Minnesota. St. John's German Lutheran Church was organized in 1880 with Rev. Carl Engel as pastor. For many years church services were held in German.

Halstad Township

Augustana Cemetery
Augustana Cemetery is located in the NW 1/4 of Section 9 of Halstad Township. This location is 3 miles north of Halstad and 1 mile east of Highway 75. Augustana Lutheran Church was organized in 1875 by Rev. Scheie. The church stands on the same site, and although remodeled, it is the same building as built in 1885. The site was purchased in 1879 and the cemetery was used before the church was completed. Some of the charter members were: A. O. Serum, Engel Lovsnes, Jacob Hesby, O.B. Holm, Theodore Stennes, Ira Houske, Anthony and John Scheie, O. E. Olson, Gulbrand D. Aamodt, Olaus J. Enger, Nels J. Enger, Aslak Hanson, Ole R. Hage, Nels R. Hage, Rasmus R. Hage, R. B. Hauge, and G. O. Gilbertson.

Halstad North Cemetery
Halstad North Cemetery belongs to the Halstad Lutheran Church. It is located in SE 1/4 of Section 18. This location is 1/2 mile east and 1 mile north of Halstad. The Halstad Lutheran Church (Halstad Norsk Evangelisk Lutherske Kirke) was organized in 1892. Rev. Anders Megrund was the first pastor. In 1893 the cemetery (now North Cemetery) was dedicated. In 1895 lots were purchased for a church on the west side of town, and the church was built and dedicated in 1898. A new church was built in 1959.

Halstad South Cemetery
Halstad South Cemetery belongs to the Halstad Lutheran Church. It is located in the SE 1/4 of Section 19 on northeast corner of the City of Halstad. A Methodist Congregation was disbanded and their property and cemetery (South Cemetery) were purchased and donated to the Halstad Lutheran Church. No date is given for this. The South Cemetery was then used until west and north boundaries are considered too low, and the North Cemetery has again come into use.

Private, Unmarked Burial Sites
(1) The first burial in Halstad Township was of the infant daughter of Engel Lausnes. This occurred in 1871 before the Marsh River Cemetery was in use. This burial was made on the Engel Lausnes home place. (2) There was reportedly a burial made on the Ole Halstad farm, possibly in Section 11

Hegne Township

Petri Cemetery Cemetery Listings
The Petri Cemetery is located in NW 1/4 of Section 12, near the Marsh River. This location is 1/2 mile west, 1 mile north, and 2 miles west of Ada, MN on County Road 161. The Petri Church was located 3 1/2 miles west of Ada. The church was organized in 1877 by Rev. Scheie. Charter members include: R. P. Idtse, Peter Nelson, Thor Bjorem, A. Bjorem, A. Running, T. C. Strand, and L.P. Melberg. There is not longer a church at this site, but the cemetery is still in use and is connected to Grace Lutheran in Ada. The earliest date found for burial was 1879.

Hendrum Township

Immanuel Cemetery, Hendrum
The cemetery is located in the NW 1/4 of Section 18. This location is 2 miles north of Hendrum, MN along old Highway 75. The Immanuel Lutheran Church was organized at a meeting in the home of Andrew Hawkins, on December 8, 1874. Their first concern was to locate a place for the cemetery. The second meeting was held at the Ole Nygaard home and they chose the name "Emanuel Norsk Luthers Nenighed ved Red River." In January 1875 a meeting was held at J.M. Herberg's home on the North Dakota side of the river. The first church building was finished in 1878. The French squatters who lived on the Nygaard farm in Section 30 offered to cut logs for the church. A new and larger church was built in 1887. When this burned in the winter of 1891-1892, the new church was built in the City of Hendrum in 1895. The present church was built in the city in 1958.

Pontoppidan Cemetery
Pontoppidan Lutheran Church was the second Lutheran Church organized in Hendrum Township. Beginning about 1876 or 1877, the church and cemetery were located in the NW 1/4 of Section 28, 2 miles east of Hendrum. The church was built in 1891, and has been given to the Norman County Historical Society and now stands in Pioneer Village on the Norman County Fairgrounds at Ada, MN. Earliest members of Pontoppidan were Ole Tommerdahl, Arnt Rostvold, Engebret Ellingson, Abraham Nelson, Ole Jacobson, Ole T. Nelson, Carl, Johannes, Peter, & Conrad Stordahl, Carl Selness, Lars Jacobson, Tobias Nelson, Hans Ellingson, and Iver Semlinge.

St. Pauli Cemetery
St. Pauli was the third Norwegian Lutheran congregation of Hendrum Township, organized about 1878. They first established a cemetery about 2 miles north of Hendrum. This site had to be abandoned because of a high water table and a new site was obtained 1 1/2 miles east of Hendrum. Each family having members buried there were required to move the remains to the cemetery. About 1896, they decided to build a church 2 miles north of Hendrum. After the church burned in 1937, they met for a while in the Wide Awake School, but decided not to rebuild. Most of the members joined Immanuel Church in Hendrum. Early members included: Christen, John, Peter, and Albert Grothe, Johannes Hagen, Nicolai, Ole, Albert, and John J. Hagen, Nels, John, and Peter Snustad.

Concordia Cemetery
The Concordia Cemetery is located about 4 1/2 miles east of Hendrum in the NW 1/4 of Section 25 of Hendrum Township. The Concordia Menighed Church as it was originally called, was the fourth Norwegian Lutheran Church in Hendrum Township. This church was founded in and built in 1891, and located about 4 1/2 miles east of Hendrum. Its founding members were: Anders Voje, Jens Bolstad, Aslak Haaland, Christian Gjovig, Morten Olson, Peter Lillivig, Amund Cleven, Riley Knudson, Einar Saboe, Ole and Anders Knutson, Knut Anderson, Andrew Tilden, Mikkel, Ole, and Nels Lee, John Bjerk, Ole K. Hamre, Even Beito, Belest Beleston, Even Qualley, and Ole Hoyme. The church is no longer in operation and has been abandoned. The cemetery is, however being mowed during the summer months.

Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery is located south of Hendrum and 1/2 mile east, in the NW 1/4 of Section 29. Early plat books indicate that this property belonged to John J. Bergh. There is no information as to whether there ever was a church at this location. There are only a few families buried here.

Private, Unmarked Burial Site
NE 1/4 of Section 30. The early French trappers who lived here buried their families at this location. Early settlers told of crosses which disappeared with time.

Home Lake Township

Unnamed Burial Site
Located 1/2 mile north of the Syre Cemetery in the NE corner of Section 32, on the Harold Thornton farmstead. The information is sparse but Reuben Erickson and O. J. Lund believed that there was a small German congregation here. Their small building has been moved to Syre and has been used as the Town Hall. Possibly, these people were Mennonites, and the few burials were of one family who moved away.

Syre Cemetery Cemetery Map
The Syre Cemetery is located 1/2 mile north of Syre, or 4 1/2 miles south of Twin Valley, MN on Highway 32. The church was moved to Syre in 1943 from North Wild Rice. Some time after that the church's steeple was placed in the Syre Cemetery as a kind of memorial marker, and is a beautiful tribute to the past.

Lake Ida Township

Norman County Cemetery Cemetery Map
This cemetery is located south of West Wild Rice Cemetery in Lake Ida Twp. This was the cemetery for the County Poor Farm. The farm was located in SW 1/4, Section 22 of Lake Ida Twp. This farm was given by Lauritz H. Borger on Mar. 17, 1926, for the care of the County Poor and Old of Norman County. The home was built with 28 beds, or room for 28 people. An easement for electric power was given in 1928 to Croswell Power Co. of Heiberg. In 1944 Ottertail Power took over. The first managers were Mr. & Mrs. T. T. Lee. A Mr. Olson was manager for a while. Then Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Rustad were managers. He later became Sheriff of Norman County. The last managers were Mr. & Mrs. Ole Orvik. The house burned in the 1940's. The land was deeded to Alvin Iverson in 1947.

West Wild Rice Cemetery Cemetery Map
Located in NW 1/4 of Section 27, 5 1/2 miles east and 2 miles south of Ada, MN. This is the original site of the West Wild Rice Lutheran Church which was organized in 1879 and in 1961 merged with the Zion Lutheran of Twin Valley. During these 82 years there occurred, 505 baptisms, 308 confirmations, 86 weddings, and 218 funerals. Wild Rice Church was organized in 1879 with charter members Martinus Underland, Ole Monson, M.J. Monson, Carl Nelson, O.A. Bakken, and O. S. Thorpe. (1918 Turner & Semling) First members (1976 Norman County History) were: Jorgen Johnson, Gronoien, Mons J. Monson, Andreas Storkson, Thorson Undeland and Anders A. Undeland.

Private, Unmarked Burial Site
Jonas Mattson Lindback is buried in Section 24, on the site of his original homestead. This site is not marked.

Lee Township

Bethania Cemetery
The Bethania Lutheran Cemetery is located in the NW 1/4 of Section 23 of Lee Township. It is 3 miles east and 1/2 mile north of Perley, MN. On December 6, 1880, a group of pioneers met at Ole J. Lee's to organize a church congregation. With Rev. A. O. Megrund presiding, they group included Jens Anderson, Ole J. Lee, Nels Odegaard, Halvor Kroshus, John O. Gaare, Iver J. Crosby, and Peder Johannesson. The original congregation was named Landstad Norwegian Lutheran. On April 25, 1891, the members of the original Landstad Congregation dissolved their organization, and together with others organized, Bethania Lutheran Church. It was this year that the church was built. About 100 years later, the church was disbanded. The church building still stands adjacent to the cemetery grounds but, is not used except for the occasional reunion service.

Kirkebo Cemetery
The Kirkebo Cemetery is located on the Clay-Norman County border in the SW 1/4 of Section 33 of Lee Township. This site is 1 mile east, 2 miles south and 1/4 mile east of Perley, MN. Kirkebo Church was organized on Jan. 23, 1881, at a meeting held in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Hovland with Rev. Peer Stromme presiding. The congregation was named Sogn at this time. In 1883, with Rev. Ness as pastor, the name was changed to Kirkebo after Kirkjebo, Sogn, Norway, a church after which it was modeled. Many early members had come from this area of Norway. Also in 1883, the cemetery was located on land donated by Johan Jacobson. In 1891 a church was built on the cemetery grounds. After the railroad came through Perley, it was decided to move the church to Perley. This was done in 1900.

Bethlehem Cemetery
The Bethlehem Church was established in 1902 with J. I. Krogstad as their first pastor. The congregation was formed from a few members of Kirkebo and others. Their second pastor, from 1906 to 1910 was L. M. Skunes. This group belonged to the Hauge Synod. In February 1910, the congregation dissolved, with most members joining Kirkebo. The cemetery located one mile east of Perley on Norman County Highway 39 is thought to be the Bethlehem Church burying grounds. This plot is located in the NE 1/4 of Section 29. There are no markers or records of burials for this cemetery. Some known members by baptismal records, etc. were: Hovland, Johnson, Nelson, Thingelstad, Alrick, Mjolsness, Ostby, Dalen, Sundet, Iverson, and Hagen families. Some reports say possible burials were children of Helland family or children of the Bjordahl family. The land here, in 1886 and 1910 plat books is shown owned by G. L. Alrick.

Landstad Cemetery
The Landstad Cemetery is located in SE 1/4 of Section 15, 3 miles east and 1 mile north of Perley, MN. The Landstad Congregation was organized March 10, 1911, at the Hans Lee home. The name chosen was Landstad Norwegian Evangelistic Lutheran Congregation. The following families were present: Mrs. Bertha, Ansgar, and William Borgen, Mrs. Mary F., Wm. and Henry Fredrickson, Mrs. A. and Selmer Haaland, N.O. Hoff, S.P. Hviding, A. C. and Julius Jacobson, B. O. and H.O. Lee, Ole Pederson, Severin and Thomas Ystebo, Jens Anderson, B. Hviding, Nels and Inger Mjolsness, A. J. Ostby, and Mrs. A. Narvick. According to their constitution, all members, men and women, over 18 could vote. The first burial was for Osten Ysteboe, with the stone reading April 4, 1916. There is at least one stone with an earlier date, so perhaps some were moved from Bethania or another church.

Lockhart Township

German Methodist Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery Listings
The German Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1882. First members were: August Malakowski, August Menge, G. F. Starz, and Henry Brase. It was located 1 1/2 miles southeast of Lockhart, and was there before the village started. The graveyard remains, but there is no church building. This cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 of Section 32, 1 mile to the south of Lockhart. This is also about 8 miles north of Ada and sits on the west side of Highway 9.

Mary Township

St. Mary's Cemetery Cemetery Listings
The St. Mary's Cemetery is located in SE 1/4 of Section 17, 7 miles east of Perley and 1 mile north. It also can be reached by traveling 7 miles west of Borup, then 1 mile north. It is on an unimproved road and back in the field on the banks of the Wild Rice River. St. Mary's was the first Catholic Church in Norman County erected in 1883 with Fr. Augustine in charge. Some of the first families included: Kost, Schranz, Hennen, Roesch, Limmer, Herringer, Loranz, Schill and Thomas. Their first church burned and a new church was built in 1903. The church closed in the early 1950's. The church was torn down later and only the cemetery remains. The stones tell of early Catholic settlers in the area. After the church here was disbanded, most members went to Ada. This cemetery is still maintained.

McDonaldsville Township

Skandinavia Cemetery
Located in NE 1/4 Section 36, 3 miles south and 3 miles east of Ada, MN at the corner of Highways 179 and 24. A memorial marker gives the following information: Site of Skandinavia Church 1895. This memorial dedicated to the Pioneer Founders. A.A Storkson, Peter Ramstad, Lars Thoreson, A.K. Strand, Eli Monson, Henry M. Orr, Adolph S. Orr, Uri Johnson, Lars J. Stensgaard, O.M. Langeland, Mathias Omness, Nels M. Johnson, S.T. Hemestvedt, Johannes Rinde, Ole A. Undeland, Johannes Marsten.

Ada City Cemetery
The cemetery is located at Ada, MN. In 1886 the City Council bought burying grounds for the village from W. W. Campbell. However, earliest burials were prior to that date. Burials in the Ada Cemetery are from all denominations, and by residents of a large area of Norman County and adjoining communities. There is a kiosk located at the cemetery listing locations of burials. The City Clerk's Office, in Ada has burial records.

Pleasant View Township

Immanuel Cemetery, Pleasant View
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery is located SW 1/4 of Section 8 of Pleasant View Township. This location is 1 mile north and 1/2 mile west of Hadler. Immanuel Lutheran Church was originally named "Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Congregation of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession", was organized in 1888, a member of the Missouri Synod. Charter members were: Martin Johnson, Wm. Wilkens, Johannes Wichern, Heinrich Eckhoff, Albert Treichel, Wm. Felske, Carl Huebner, Heinrich Tompke, and Christ Treichel. Five acres of land were obtained from Heinrich Eckhoff for a church building and part to be used for a cemetery. The building was constructed in 1892, but closed in 1972. Now only the steeple of "Evangelical Lutheran Kirche Immanuel Gemeinge 1892" remains.

Rockwell Township

United Norwegian "Lost Cemetery"
Located 6 miles east and 1 mile south of Borup, MN.

Jevnaker Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Jevnaker Church is located in SW 1/4 of Section 33, 4 miles east and 2 miles south of Borup, MN. The cemetery is located 1/2 mile east of the church. Jevnaker Lutheran was organized in 1883 affiliated with the Hauge Synod. Services were first held in sod houses, but a house was moved to a piece of land deeded to the congregation in 1889. A church building was constructed in 1896. As congregation members moved further west, the church was moved about 3 miles in 1901. Although in Hagen Township of Clay County, the "Old Jevnaker Cemetery", there are some Rockwell Township burials here. It is believed that the Hagen Township site was the site of the original Jevnaker Church.

Shelly Township

West Marsh River Cemetery
Located SE 1/4 of Section 31 in Shelly Township. This is 4 miles north of Halstad and east 1 mile from Highway 75 or 3 miles south of Shelly and east 1 mile from Highway 75. The Marsh River Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church was the first to be organized in Norman County. According to the 1918 history, it was first named Bethany Norwegian Lutheran, and was organized Aug. 13, 1872, by Rev. Hagboe at the Engel Lausnes home. Among the early members were: Peter Oien, Hon. Ole P. Oien, Magnus B. Ojen, Hans Ojen, A. Nelson, Bertinius Ronglie, Sephanius B. Ronglie, and Ole Bjorem. Land for the church and cemetery was purchased from the railroad in 1875. The church was lost by fire in 1952 and the congregation decided to merge with Shelly and become Shelly-Marsh River.

Shelly Cemetery
Located about 1 mile west of Shelly, MN in the NW 1/4 of Section 19 of Shelly Township. Shelly Norwegian Lutheran Church was organized on Dec. 5, 1907. Prior to this, Rev. A. Megrund conducted services in the Independence Order of Good Templars Hall on the west side of Shelly. In 1909 the four congregations of Shelly, Zion, Marsh River and Bethany formed one parish. In 1912 the Shelly congregation erected a church building. A parsonage built in 1913 served the four congregations. This parish merged with Marsh River in 1952 and are now called Shelly-Marsh River Lutheran Congregation.

Zion Cemetery
Zion Church and Cemetery are located 1 mile east of Shelly in the SW 1/4 of Section 16. The land for the church and cemetery were donated by Peder Efteland. Early services were held by Rev. Andrew Megrund. Services were held in homes and sometimes new barns. The congregation was organized November 1880. The cemetery was dedicated in 1882 and the church was built in 1883.

St. Petri Cemetery, Nielsville
The St. Petri Cemetery is located in Shelly Township in the NW 1/4 of Section 5. This would be 3 miles north of Shelly on Highway 75. The St. Petri Lutheran Church was first called Tresjold Nenighed of Marsh River. Their earliest members were Hans Gordon Family, Tronnes family, Johnson family, and Jorgenson family. Earliest records begin about 1883. The church originally stood at the cemetery site and was later moved to Nielsville, MN in Polk County. A History of Early Churches found at Concordia College says St. Petri was started in 1874 and in 1914 had 380 members.

Private, Unmarked Burial Sites
(1) In the NE 1/4 of Section 24 fraction township, west of Shelly. No names or dates are available, just information that there were burials here. In 1896 this land was owned by John Shelly. (2) SE 1/4 of Section 19 about 1 mile south of Shelly. There were two or three burials made on the J. T. Redland farm.

Spring Creek Township


Spring Creek Chapel Cemetery aka Holland Reformed Cemetery Cemetery Listings Map
Range T146N-R45W Section NE 1/4 Section 22
Established in 1902.Near Flaming, Minnesota. Latitude: 472230-473000 Longitude: -962230-961500
This cemetery is located 4 miles west of MN State Highway 32 and 1/2 mile north of County Rd 5 on County Rd 30 in Norman County. Located 4 miles W., 1/2 mile North of Gary, MN.

Private Unmarked Burial
Spring Creek Township, NE 1/4 of Section 25 on property now owned by Roy Krajeck, West Fargo, ND. Formerly owned by Lenus and August Swenson, Swenson Brothers. Two sons of Lars and Sophie Rasmussen died of the flu and were buried here in the corner of a cornfield in unmarked graves. The site was across County Road 5 from the Swenson place. The Rasmussen parents were natives of Denmark. Mrs. Rounsville says Lars died between 1908 and 1917 and Sophie died in 1925 or 1926. They are reportedly buried in Concordia Cemetery of Fertile, MN, but there are no markers. The sons probably died before the father and he buried them on the farm where they lived. However, they may have died in the flu epidemic of 1918.

Strand Township

Gary United Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Range: T145N-R44W  Section 20 NENE
Established 1886. This cemetery is located 1/2 mile west of Gary, Minnesota west off Highway 32 on County Hightway19.

St. Petri Norwegian Lutheran Church and Cemetery
Range T145N-R44W  Section: SE 1/4 Section 24
Established 1878. Located 2 1/2 miles east of Gary, Minnesota. St. Petri was organized in 1878 by Rev. K. Bjorge, a missionary among the pioneers of Becker and Norman Counties. The first annual meeting was held in Bjorn Langager's log house November 1879. Lars Stensgard was elected first secretary. Andru Taraldson gave two acres of land for the church and cemetery. In 1880 Ole Garden was elected first treasurer.

North Wild Rice Cemetery
Range: T145N-R44W  Section: SW 1/4 Section 32 
Established 1886. North Wild Rice Church was organized in 1880 (one history says 1878) by Rev. K. Bjorge. Charter members were: Ole Tofte, Jacob Herreid, Christian Skaurud, Carl Benson, Edward Kjelson, Ole Hover, Ingebrigt Knutson, K. Klemmetson, and Lars Moe. After 50 years, about 1943, the church building was sold to Syre. The cemetery is located 3 miles south and 1 mile west of Gary, Minnesota.

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery  Cemetery Map
Range: T145N-R44W  Section SE 1/4 Section 25
Established 1918. The German Immanuel Lutheran Church was organized Easter Sunday 1917. G. Janzow was pastor, with charter members: Herman Kraft, Julius Zug, William Yost, Gust Brakob, Henry Habedank, Karl Kraft, and W. H. Allrich. The church was built on land donated by Karl Kraft. There is no longer a church building. The cemetery is located 2 miles east and 2 1/2 miles south of Gary, Minnesota.  It is 15 miles northeast of Ada, 1/2 mile north of Highway 200 on #166.           

Unmarked Private Burial Site - Strand Twp. NE 1/4 of Section 34 on the property of Donald Kvamme, formerly the property of Charles (Carl) Benson. One stone, partially broken and overturned. Martha, Hustru of C. Benson, Dode 11 April 1878 alder 35 aar. Mrs. Benson and a baby are buried on the site according to Donald Kvamme, a Benson descendant.

Sundal Township

Private, Unmarked Burial Site
In Section 15, on land belonging to the Juelson family, there is an abandoned burial spot. It is accessible only by foot.

Old Sundal Cemetery
Range: T146N-R44W Section: 15
Established 1882. Located in Sundal Township. Near Flaming, Minnesota. Neighbors report that possibly twenty graves were here, but only four are visible today. This cemetery is not cared for and accessible only by foot. Contains 4 identified graves.

Sundal Lutheran Church and Cemetery   Cemetery Map
Range: T146N-R44W Section: SE 1/4 Section 14
Established 1892. Near Ranum, Minnesota. Located 6 miles N, 2/12/ miles E of Gary, MN.

St. John's L.C.A. Church and Cemetery
Range: T146N-R44W  Section: SE 1/4 Section 2
Organized in 1881. Located SE 1/4 Section 2 of Sundahl Twp. 8 miles north and 3 miles east of Gary, MN or 4 miles west and 1 mile south of Rindal, MN.

I.O.G.T. Cemetery
Range: T146N-R44W  Section NE1/4 Section 11
Established 1882. Located across the road from St. John's L.C.A. Cemetery. 8 miles N, 3 miles E of Gary Minnesota.

Waukon Township

Ness Lutheran Church & Cemetery
Range: T145N-R43W  Section: SE 1/4 Section 8
Established 1887. Ness Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1886. Present at the first meeting were: Pastor Weium, Christopher Gire, Henrick Stoen, Lars Sabbe, Lauritz Berland, Thor Skare, Arne Berg, Knud Olson, and Peder Bakke. Ness Lutheran Church is located in the NE corner of Section 17. The cemetery is located 5 miles east and 1 mile north of Gary, MN.

Wild Rice Township

There are presently three cemeteries in Wild Rice Twp., namely, Zion, which includes St. William's Catholic, City Cemetery; Trinity and Bethel (Swedish). There is also an unmarked spot north of Twin Valley at the top of the hill, on the east side of Highway 32. There is one plot with wrought iron fence but no markers. It is believed to be the final resting place of Mrs. Jacob Larson. Research indicates that the first church in Wild Rice Twp. was Bethania Norske Evangeliske, a Lutheran Church of the Hauge Synod. This church was organized in 1885 at old village of Twin Valley. The church, later called Bethany Lutheran Church joined with other Lutheran groups to form Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1930.

Bethel (Swedish) Cemetery Cemetery Map
Located west of Twin Valley in NW 1/4, Section 30, 2 1/2 miles west of Twin Valley on Highway #27. So far as can be determined there never was a church at this location.

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery  Cemetery Map
Located north of Twin Valley, and north of Heiberg Park on the west side of Highway #32 in Section 16. The Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Synod of the Northwest, was organized in 1918. This Trinity not organized until 1947.

Memorial Garden Veterans Cemetery    Memorial Cemetery Map   
Off Highway 32 is a Memorial Drive which goes past the Home for the Elderly and leads to the east entry of Zion Cemetery. Here there is a special monument to Brig. General USA, Martinus Stenseth and a Memorial Gardens for other veterans.

St. Williams (Catholic) Cemetery    Cemetery Map
St. William's Catholic Church in Twin Valley officially became a Mission Church in June 1955. A cemetery was started at the church site, but burials were removed to the southeast corner of Zion Cemetery. The first burial in St. William's was that of twin sons of Edgar and Margaret Houglum.

City Cemetery (Twin Valley)  Cemetery Map

Zion Cemetery  Cemetery Map    Zion West Addition
Zion Cemetery is located at the south edge of the village of Twin Valley. Zion Congregation is the result of the consolidation of four congregations. In addition to Bethany (Hauge Synod) organized in 1885 and Trinity Lutheran (Synod of the Northwest), organized in 1918, there were also Our Savior's and Twin Valley Norwegian Lutheran. All these four became Zion. Our Savior's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1891. Twin Valley Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church organized in 1886, with a church being built in 1888.

Private Unmarked Burial Site
Wild Rice Township, SE 1/4 of Section 1 on property owned by Anton Ondrush. In 1896 this property was owned by John Hlubek. Mr. Ondrush stated that there is one stone on his property bearing the names of 4 children: Hlubek, Angeline 1893-1893, Hlubek, Francis 1898 - 1898, Hlubek, Angeline 1903 - 1905, and Hlubek, Dolphus 1907 - 1909. These are the children of John and Marika (Ondrush) Hlubek, and were cousins of Anton Ondrush.

Private Unmarked Burial Site
Wild Rice Township, SE 1/4 of Section 2 on property owned by Bennie Pinske. There is one stone which marks the burial site of Ernest Pinske Feb 19, 1855 - March 9, 1918 and 5 or 6 of his children with his wife Johanna Sanken Pinske. The following children were born to Ernest and Johanna: Bertha Elisa born 18 May 1881, Charley born 1882, Anna Sophie Magdalene born 7 June 1883, Lizzie Pinske born 1884, Wilhelminnie Laura born 15 July 1885, Henry August born 11 Aug 1886, Clara Rosa born 22 Jul 1887, Lena Maria born 18 Jun 1888, Herman Ernest born 22 Jul 1889, and Otto Fredrick born 4 Oct 1891. Mrs. Bennie Pinske says only Anna, Wilhelmina, Henry, and Otto lived to be adults. The others were probably still born and none lived over 2 years of age. The children are buried with their father, Ernest.

Private Unmarked Burial
Wild Rice Township, NW 1/4 of Section 11. Mr. Bennie Pinske told of a burial in Section 11 on Kraft property. This was an Anderson child, sister to Bert Anderson. The baby was stillborn and buried on the home site about 1920.

Private Unmarked Burial
Anton Sorenson is buried in the NW 1/4 of sect. 26 of Wild Rice Twp.  It's about .65/10ths of a mile off of C.R. 29 on C.R. 171 heading east at the edge of the woods.  He is right off the county road in the corner of the woods across from Adkins driveway.  The home place is back in the woods to the south approximately 400 yards or so.  The foundations to the house are still there. He was born in Norway in 1872 and died in 1918. 

Winchester Township

German Methodist Cemetery (abandoned)
This church with a cemetery was located in SW 1/4 of Section 17, 1 1/2 miles north of Borup. The land in 1896 was owned by Berhardt Peppel. In 1984 Paul Babler owned the land and home adjoining the cemetery site. It is not known how many burials were made here. The early records might be found at Faith United Church, Ada, MN. Mr. Bernhardt Peppel was a lay preacher in the German Methodist Church of Winchester Township. He, and probably his wife and some children were interred here and later moved to Rosemont Cemetery at Barnesville, MN. Evidently the church was disbanded and the cemetery abandoned after this time. In 1984 the cemetery was overgrown with brush and only two markers remained. Stones that were found said Weideman, a name base, no other data. The other said, Eckenfels, Mary E. Apr. 26, 1834 - Apr. 24, 1898, age 64, and Eckenfels, Joseph, April 15, 1845 - July 22, 1903. Willie Germolus stated that possibly his great grandparents were buried here. They would be George and Wilhelmine Germolus. The Germolus family were members of this church. This would also include other children of the Germolus's, Johan, Mrs. Demke, and Mrs. Stilger.

Winchester Cemetery, Borup
This congregation was formed September 30, 1888, after services at the Martin Lian home. It was called Winchester Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Rev. G. A. Larson of Ada was the first pastor. Grounds for a church and cemetery were purchased in 1895 from Ole Mattison and the cemetery was dedicated Sept. 17, 1895. A church was built in 1903 and the present church building was dedicated in 1970. Winchester Cemetery is located at Borup, MN on the east side of Minnesota Highway 9.

Abandoned site (NE of Borup)
A 1896 atlas shows a cemetery in the SE corner of the NE 1/4 of Section 14. The property then was owned by Lars. E. Monson. Adjoining families were John Rinde, Inger E. Johnson, Martin Eastvold, Andre Beck, Chritian Rentz, Andrew Anderson, Peter Bakkee, O. A. Eastvold. Grace Nei, a descendant of George Nei, remembered her father speaking of the burial ground. The Nei family owned the land when the county ditch was made in this area. She believed that some were moved to Scandia in McDonaldsville Twp. Possibly the children of Johnson and Rinde family buried there. The digging of the ditch destroyed any signs of burials. There was no cemetery mark there by 1910.

Private, Unmarked Burial Sites
Some residents of the Borup area told of stories regarding burials here. (1) SE 1/4 of Section 18 on land owned by the Larson family. This land was owned by Fred Dempke in 1896. (2) Possibly burials were made in NW 1/4 of Section 20. This land is now owned by Gladys Novotny and was owned by Johan Germolus in 1896.

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